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Automobile photography is one area where Bullet often combines his award-winning graphic design and photoshop skills to give the images more horsepower!  Bullet's appreciation for these high art, rolling sculptures fuels his passion to capture the unique personality of each automobile for use on websites, promo materials or editorial publication.

For Bullet, Photos Become Images.

For Bullet, Photos Become Images.

I always say, "First I take a photo, then I make it into an image."  The two shots preceding this caption started out as standard shots from the Chicago Auto Show.  After I review photos I determine what creative effects (if any) I want to apply to enhance the image to make it into a more intriguing shot.  Sometimes a lot of creativity goes into the making of a great image, but other times, all that is needed are minor creative adjustments.  The artistry comes from the creative decisions that are made not only when the shot is taken, but also after the shot is reviewed.