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Bullet has been heard saying he'll shoot anything that moves.  Or doesn't move.  That includes landscape and nature images.  Bullet's landscape and nature photography has been published in calendars and books, and has been sold through fine art galleries.  Prints are available by contacting Bullet directly.

Bullet's Winter Landscape Wins Award

Bullet's Winter Landscape Wins Award

Bullet captured this winter scene while waiting in line at a drive-thru. He shot thru the passenger side window to get the shot.  The photo was a Finalist and was published in "The Best of Photography 2011" hardcover annual.

Bullet: Designer Photography

Bullet: Designer Photography

Being an award-winning designer, striking colors, texture and graphic compositions are hallmarks of Bullet's approach to photography.

Bullet's Caterpillar is Big Winner

Bullet's Caterpillar is Big Winner

This caterpillar was about an inch long but visually rich in detail. Bullet found it on his windshield, carefully took it into the studio and got this close up. Bullet then returned the caterpillar to the outdoors, safe and unharmed.  The shot received a Finalist award and was published in the "Best of Photography 2012" hardcover annual.